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It can take a few hours for your transaction to appear and for your balance to update on the app. And remember, monthly passes only start working on the 1st of the month.

How to tap phone calls with FlexiSPY on Android

Your card balance information will be updated shortly after. It can take a few hours for your newly purchased cards to be activated in our system. If you are experiencing issues adding a newly purchased card, please wait a few hours and try again.

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You do not need to create a new account to use the app. You can only see the last three months of your transaction history through the app. You can download the app again to your new phone and log in with the same account.

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We recommend changing your account password as soon as possible to ensure your account is secure. If you are still unable to use your PRESTO card after checking your balance through the app, it is possible that you have not installed the latest app update.

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You can update your app through the Play Store and then try to use the Check Balance feature again. Otherwise, you will need to perform another load through the app before you can use your card to take transit. Frequently Asked Questions.

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  • 1. Incessant Battery Problems;
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  • Android users only. What if my card is not working after an Android NFC load, or my phone crashes or the battery dies when I am in the middle of loading funds?

    Why am I getting an "Unlock Card Now" message? If I have the app, can I tap my phone to pay my fare? Tapp strives to provide these people with the diverse range of goods and services made available to their peers via mobile in a super cool way.

    1. Incessant Battery Problems

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    Sell online with reduced risk. Tapp Market solves the problems of cash-on-delivery by accepting cash-on-purchase payments. Take advantage of our vast agent network that is ready to push your products or services to the market. Buy products or services, and pay your bills online with cash. No bank account or credit card needed.

    Join Here. What Tapp is about?

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