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I am sure you may review your views on these Apps. Totally agree about iTunes. In fact, it was instrumental in my moving from an iPhone to Android. It made a joke of Apple's "It Just Works" nonsense. I always found the interface confusing and cluttered, and the operation of it non-intuitive.

And the final straw was when I did a level upgrade of iOS in the days when you had to backup all your content first and when I came to do the restore, it essentially said: "Those backups you did, which I said were successful? I was lying. I contacted Apple support, and their response boiled down to "Sucks to be you! Fortunately, I'd backed up all my contacts to Google. Can you suggest some source of specific information about the great damage caused by flash? I mean, numbers and comparisons with other dangerous software. Hi James. Firefox disables flash for you until Adobe releases a fix for the lastest flash problem.

I concurr that most of this article is hogwash. CCleaner is one of the best tools around and I have used it for years. It is true that making changes to the registry can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing, and I have seen a lot of bogus registry cleaners, but CCLEANER is the best one for that.

And any app can be targeted for malware. Norton antivirus I completely agree with, it is bloated and slows down the system. Itunes is needed if you own Apple devices, Flash player is still in use on many websites. Whatsapp is nothing more than the web version of the phone app. And internet explorer is not "dead", and you cannot avoid keeping it away from your machine because it is still very much a part of Windows. Although I know Internet Explorer is slow and outdated unfortunately is the only browser I can use for a specific work related application.

I need to use two websites for work Legal related; for submitting documents to a court and the Portuguese tax authorities website.

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Edge does support Java, though you have to force it through various levels of argument. As Jose mentioned, I have a website I need to connect to for secure file transfers that use Java web apps that will only run in IE. I know probably a dumb question , and if so, does it cause all of Chrome to accept Java, or just the tab selected with IETab? It's the only site I need Java for so being able to avoid IE altogether would be desirable. It has no effect on other non-IE tabs. It just means you can have IE for those odd sites that won't play nice with anything else, without having IE as an installed browser the engine is always there, I believe, as it's baked into the OS.

It also means you can just open up another tab albeit with a different action rather than opening up another browser. Example: Flash Player: use it all the time without problem because I only logon as a user never an administrator. Running as an admin, as most.

Chrome asks permission before allowing Flash to run in a page: I don't let it run unless 1 I'm actively expecting it and 2 it provides some required functionality, not just some advertising or razzmatazz. Unfortunately not using the administrator account breaks a lot more than you would expect. I always log on using my admin account only account on my PC , and I've never had any issue with malware. It's really good, it's called common sense. With a few exceptions, iTunes is a completely competent podcatcher.

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I've been using it for years to do nothing more than grab podcasts from iTunes which I then transfer to a USB drive to listen to at work. Yeah, it's a piece of bloat, but it's not horrible. Yes, there are many. Yeah, that's what I thought. They're all bad and they're all more threats than the viruses themselves. Let me guess: a Norton competitor is a sponsor here maybe?

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A very poor article and pure click-bait. Like others have noted iTunes has no alternative is important if you have any iOS device. CCleaner is one of the best free Windows utilities with a decent track record for years. WhatsApp is great when you want to use the service on a computer without switching back and forth with a mobile device.

You also didn't even bother to mention an alternative with your only grouse being the a mere mb app size. IE comes with Windows, why go through hassle of removing it when you can use an alternative browser. Half your article is poorly researched and quite frankly crap. Wasted 5 minutes reading plus the effort to write this CCleaner is an excellent alternative to most of Windows' build-in maintenence tools, and iTunes is basically a requirement if you're heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem.

IE is pre-installed on literally every single Windows system in existence; You can't install something if it's pre-installed. And while I don't use WhatsApp I always appreciate a solid desktop companion to a mobile app, and to be honest your argument that you shouldn't install it simply because of it's massive MB install size is ridiculous.

I do agree with you about Norton AV, though.

2. Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus 3.0

That shit is garbage, and has been for a loooooong time. Actually, there is an alternative to iTunes. Not perfect I admit but it does work and is way better than iTunes. It has paid and free components and I find the free part does the job. It installs iTunes so you can get the driver on your system and then removes iTunes and leave the driver behind and gives you its own interface as the file handler which is pretty simple and clean.

Whatsapp has a web version that works fine and requires no install whatsoever.

You sync your phone with your PC via wifi and a QR code and that is it. Even works fine at work where it is not possible to install apps. You will also note that the question was more about why a chat app needs a MB install rather than how much HDD space is needed. Ccleaner is fine as a cleaner BUT the warning about reg cleaners is perfectly valid and sensible.

If you don't know what you are doing, don't screw with the Reg. Always good advice. I used to be an absolute fan of Norton utilities. They had THE best defragmentation and hardware test application. I moved away from Norton when Peter Norton sold it to Symantech who made a total mess of it.

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Ditto with original Partition Magic. I am not sure what the name was of the very first non destructive partition resizing application that came out in mid to late 90s. I use WhatsApp on desktop extensively since I find it a whole lot easier to type. I however do not use dedicated application but web.