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Not only does it report your current location, a record is kept of your previous movements, so you can select a day and time from the list to see where you were at that specific moment! It can also be used as a way to keep track of you children, loved ones or friends, with their permission of course.

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Your tracking URL can also be shared with a trusted friend or relative, in case you need to be found in a hurry. Then there are the alert zones. Create areas that will send alerts to designated email addresses when you enter into them, or leave them.

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I hope you enjoy it. Please send feedback by using the Contact Us page on this site. Whit this service they will be able to locate their kids and for people to locate family in general.

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Also not free, but very reliable. You pay for it and it helps you very accurately track your phone from your PC.

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AccuTracking also offers the same service for GPS trackers. According to the official website, this app is not available now — since March — and they are going to update it to support new platforms.

We cannot know if and when it will become officially available again. It supports old Java mobile phones as well as Blackberry and Windows Mobile. It installs on your phone and enables location to track mobile phone using the built-in GPS, if there is one. It installs on the device and works based on the concept of Control Zones.

BlackBerry phone tracker – Track a stolen BlackBerry mobile with location apps

You designate these zones on the map of your city and the app lets you know when the device enters or leaves them. In the free version you can track up to 3 devices and use 1 control zone. You do need to activate the Find My iPhone feature when you set up your iPhone.

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The service is permanently available and you have to log into iCloud from any browser or by installing Find My iPhone on another device and tracking your lost device from there. There are various third-party tracking apps available on the AppStore that can help you track other smartphone users. Google Find My Device requires your device to be on, to have location services on and to log into your Google Account.

If all these three are true, you can log into your Google Account from any browser and locate your device.

BlackBerry Tracker: Free Live GPS Tracking, Anti-Theft & More for the BlackBerry |

You have the option to play a sound on it or. There are free anti-theft and general tracking third-party apps for Android such as Cerberus and others. They provide a wide array of tracking and security features once installed on your phone. For older Blackberry phones — and for Blackberry 10 as well — there are still a variety of third-party tracking apps available both paid and for free.

Windows Phones had a built-in service similar to those described above, called Find My Phone, which is still operational.

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So you can find a lost device even if the location service is off. Just as is the case with Blackberry, Windows Phones too can run an array of third-party tracking apps that are still available to download. If your phone has been stolen or lost, you can call your service provider and ask to locate your phone.

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Since this is purely device-based, it will work even if someone is using your phone with a different SIM. Once found, you can ask for the phone to be blocked. These guidelines should be enough to help you find any device, older or newer, provided it is yours or that you have permission to look for its location.