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Of course, not all the cases when you need to use a call recorder spy are related to possible crime.

All in all, apps that record voice calls , like Spy Phone App , have a variety of uses. Note that Spy Phone App is not a phone hack. Using this call recorder spy is extremely easy. Just take the following steps: 1. Download Spy Phone App. Install the application on the phone you need to spy on.

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Otter has many of the features other apps on this list have, but the live transcription makes it unique and is a valuable tool for those with accessibility needs. You get minutes for free every month; go premium for 6, minutes.

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  6. Free Android RecForge II records in mono or stereo, lets you skip silences, start recording at a scheduled time, convert to several file formats, and export to a variety of cloud storage services. You can also use the app to extract sound from videos.

    Pricing depends on Evernote plan iOS , Android If you already have Evernote, then you can utilize its recording feature by opening a note and clicking the microphone icon.

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    You can't edit or send the recording, however. The second you open the app, it starts recording. You can set it to capture messages from 4 to 75 seconds, which can be set to automatically save to Dropbox or Evernote or get emailed to you. Apple doesn't make it easy to record phone calls, but it's not impossible.

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    Here's how to record an iPhone chat , and here's how to record calls on an Android device. PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

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    Our ambient recording app makes it possible to:. There are many reasons why someone would need to remotely activate a cell phone microphone and make a recording.

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    Our hidden spy voice recorder is a powerful tool that is beneficial for both personal and professional use. Ambient recording gives you peace of mind knowing your children are safe. If you have concerns about who your kids are spending time with - or if they have engaged in risky behavior in the past — being able to listen in remotely can help you confirm exactly what they are doing, especially whether or not they are making smart decisions while unsupervised.